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The Oasis villas Mauritius personify tranquility, calmness and magnificence. They are entrenched in safe and secure surroundings.
Located in Grand Bay, “Oasis Luxury Villa is truly magical villa in Mauritius than lures honeymooners, large families, famous celebrities, and professional business meetings; it’s exquisitely and lavish. And, beside, each villa has its own private pool, it’s a perfect holiday destination especially for those who love villas with private pools. In additional, with each villa, there is a garden, and a spacious terrace with a dining set and barbecue. No matter the coastal area in which you intend to set your luggage for this Mauritian holiday, Oasis Villa Mauritius will offer you a villa rental that suits your standards.


A private hideaway

For the most discerning travellers who seek a holiday destination where receiving the utmost discretion and privacy is a defining factor, our Oais private pool Villas are ideally suited to meet and surpass all demands.

Beautiful Modem Style Decoration

Oasis Villas Mauritius is no ordinary villa experience… Those splendid villas have been designed with families and couples in mind, offering plentiful space with large outdoor verandas, private swimming pools and every mod and con you could wish for.

Top Class Experience

The Oasis luxury residence is the perfect choice for an exclusive getaway under the tropical sun of Mauritius. So should you wish to spend a weekend, a week, a month at the villa, you will always feel at home and want for absolutely nothing. Treated as royalty and engulfed in pure decadence.



Oasis Villas Mauritius is an area of amazing comfort, an excellent location for a private pool villa stay with friends and family. Additionally, Oasis Villa Mauritius is the perfect location for water sports lovers, from the most conventional to the most unusual Oasis Villa Mauritius, offers simply the best of holidays you would ever wish for.

Oasis Villas Mauritius have one to three bedrooms depending upon your choice. Each of these villas have a beautiful view and a number of additional features like sunbeds, barbecue place, a private swimming pool for every villa so everyone can enjoy in their own private place.

Oasis Villas provide its customers with the best services available. After your arrival at the villas you will be warmly welcomed by the hosts. You will be given a tour of the entire place in order to make things easier for you to decide. It’s the best place to enjoy your holidays on the north coast of Mauritius.

Renting an exclusive villa with a pool for your vacation signifies that there is absolutely no jostling for position and also finding ways to drown reduce the loud discussions of some other holidaymakers; solely you along with your companion. For a honeymoon in Mauritius, what precisely could possibly be much better than having a relaxed day in the sunshine, sitting down by the side of your own private pool?

The Oasis Pool Villas in Grand Bay Mauritius

1 Bedroom villa

oasis mauritius honeymoon villa

The 1 bedroom villas of Oasis Villa Mauritius extend over a land area of 290m2, a villa of 102m2, well equipped and are perfect sanctuaries for couples and honeymooners. Renting an exclusive villa with a pool for your vacation signifies that there is absolutely no jostling for position…


2 Bedrooms villa

villa oasis mauritius

Well equipped with their double beds, shared bathrooms and personal showers, these 2 bedrooms villas of 169 m² are ideal for the family. In addition to that, it is equipped in the master’s bedroom setting and offers maximum comfort and pleasure.


3 Bedrooms villa

villa oasis 3 bedrooms mauritius

Supremely classy private luxurious villa resort of three sleeping rooms extending over a space of 283 m², unveiling wonderful area for an excellent family moment. Created for a family reunion or perhaps for awesome social times between friends


Other Services Offered by Mauriclick Holidays Ltd

We offer completely safe and reliable private transfer service from the SSR International airport to the Clos du Littoral villas.

We offer you the best deals on car rental including economy, compact, midsize, convertible, luxury, full size and SUV re

If you want tо have a mеmоrаblе wеddіng, then ‘Mаurіtіuѕ’ іѕ one option thаt іѕ wоrth соnѕіdеrіng


  • Binsha - India
    We were in a 3 bedroom villa and had a great time. A cosy place in a beautiful set up gives you the privacy you need to unwind. Nice breakfast. 5 min drive to La croisette mall. Sugar, tea, milk, coffee, liquid dishwasher and sponge are also available. Beds are very comfy and nice showers. Great sofa.
  • Abdoolah - Saudi Arabia
    The villa exceeded our expectations and we recommend this fantastic villa for every family with 1-4 children under 10 (the villa consists of 3 rooms with their toilets and showers) for the following reasons: 1- The privacy was very good. Therefore, it is highly recommended for romantic purposes. 2- The pool was very beautiful. 3- Beautiful small gardens are in front of each shower room. 4- It is near from 2 shopping malls and number of mosques. 5- The breakfast was professionally prepared (inside the villa) and was fresh and delicious.
    Abdoolah - Saudi Arabia
  • Sees. UK
    Villas are very pretty - and having our own private accommodation with a swimming pool, BBQ station, etc was certainly a nice benefit of this property. The team was also fantastic at coming by every morning with a basket of pastries.
    Sees. UK
  • Gant - Mauritius
    Just had a birthday celebration at Clos du littoral! It was very comfy and everyone had a great time!! The kitchen was very well equipped. However the breakfast was limited, was expecting some tea and coffee, fruits and yoghurt. The receptionist Heman and the housekeeper Selven was very helpful,friendly and welcoming!
    Gant - Mauritius
  • Yogesh - India
    We stayed in a 3 bedroom villa. All friends felt really great to be in a single place which is spacious. Pool is wonderful. Service is superb which was provided by Selven. He supported us throughout our stay and was available whenever we needed something. Overall it was a wonderful experience. We took 2 villas, both were fantastic. You can be in peace their. Best place if you want peace and seclusion in your life.
    Yogesh - India
  • Priyanka - South Africa
    It was our first trip to Mauritius.. we were 5 friends so we opted for the 3 BHK villa. It had one master bedroom and 2 v small rooms. The villa was very comfortable and pretty. Nice pool and v good location. Our house keeper Margret was also very nice and efficient.
    Priyanka - South Africa
  • Sereen - Canada
    We stayed in the 3 bedroom villa and it was quite pretty. Having our own private accommodation with a swimming pool, BBQ station, etc was certainly a nice benefit of this property. The team was also fantastic at coming by every morning with a basket of pastries.
    Sereen - Canada

Leave the World Behind - Visit 'Oasis Villas Mauritius' Now!

An unforgettable holiday in Mauritius

This blissful and tranquil luxury in Grand Bay is in the north of Mauritius. It is planned especially for families and group of friends. People from all over the world select Oasis Villas over other villas of Mauritius when it comes to enjoying with family or friends. Since, the managers of these villas have designed this incredible holiday destination for the privacy intact and made sure their guests are feeling like a president because of their elite class interior and amenities.

Oasis Villas promise memorable holidays in magical settings. First, as you arrive there, the time stands still. The soothing sounds of bird singing, cold winds of the beach, and beautiful sets of flowers inject perfect harmony in your veins. Next, when you’re in the lounge area, you experience a lush tropical environment that soothes your nerves even more. In a way, it would be utterly correct to say that the owners of Oasis Villas have created a small heaven for you in terms of beauty and serenity. No one comes of out its magic that easily.

These villas consist of one to three bedrooms with private garden and private swimming pool that glow under the sensual lights at night. Each villa is supremely elegant with king/queen size beds, air conditioning, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi internet services. Furthermore, there is a designer kitchen too, that cater to your every need. Other than that, if it’s your first time, and if you aren’t sure either regarding the attractions of Mauritius, just give a call, and the managers will handle everything for you. They’ll provide you airport-hotel transfer service, greet you with welcome cocktails and refreshing napkins, and send a hostess as well who will take you round the villa and provide all the necessary information. If you want her to arrange your Mauritius sightseeing trips too, or anything, just call her anytime you want.

“Oasis Villas” are the award-winning villas for families and friends; they perceive how to present rainbows and unicorns to keep guests contented.


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